Four sets of synthetic spectra are now available on-line through this application: three libraries of stellar spectra, and one containing synthetic spectra of QSOs. The application provides access to the spectra through a parameter selection interface and allows for displaying of the retrieved spectra.


Contains the spectra described in the article by T. Zwitter, F. Castelli, and U. Munari, "An extensive library of synthetic spectra covering the far red, RAVE and GAIA wavelength ranges", A&A 417, 1055-1062 (2004).

  SpectraLib 1Å

Contains the subset of spectra with a 1Å uniform dispersion from the spectra presented in the article by U. Munari, R. Sordo, F. Castelli and T. Zwitter, "An extensive library of 2500-10500 Å synthetic spectra", A&A (2005).


Contains the QSO spectra as described in the article by J.-F. Claeskens, A. Smette, L. Vandenbulcke and J. Surdej, "Identification and redshift determination of QSOs with medium band photometry: application to GAIA", MNRAS (2005).

  RVS Spectralib

Contains the set of spectra as described in the technical note prepared by A. Recio-Blanco, P. de Laverny and B. Plez, "A library of synthetic spectra over the Gaia/RVS spectral range" (2005).


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